420 Bud Mall Dispensary is your friendly and highly knowledgeable source for the best medical cannabis strains and wide range of distinctive cannabis products. We are committed to offering high quality products in a variety of distinctive flavors, aromas and potencies. Our quality recreational and medical marijuana strains and products can meet the needs of novice, experienced and adventurous users. There is something of a science behind choosing the best medical cannabis strains to help relieve your conditions or ailments. Many people find specific cannabis strains work better for them than others based on factors like wellness needs and dosage. On our menu we have sativa, hybrid and Indica marijuana strains to choose from. This Dispensary guarantee maximum satisfaction from whichever strain you choose. 

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9 Pound Hammer Strain

9lb Hammer Strain is an Indica marijuana strain created out of three genetics marijuana strains Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack

Afghan Kush Marijuana Pre Rolls


Dosing: Each joint contains 1.5 gram of Cannabis buds ranging from 15% THC Packaging: Depending on the volume of product ordered and the variety, we use a combination of twist top containers, sealed bags, and everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odorless arrival Storage: Please store your Marijuana Pre Rolls Joints in an air tight container in a cold and dry place such as the refrigerator, for maximum longevity

Afghani Hawaiian Strain

Afghani Hawaiian Strain will cure you of all body pains.

AK 47 Hybrid Weed Strain

It’s a common misconception that the strongest of the most famous strains are harder to grow, and AK 47 Hybrid Strain banishes this myth by being particularly simple to cultivate.

AK 47 Medical Marijuana Strain

AK-47 medical strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that is bred from parents Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains. AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow. Rather than knocking you down brain dead, it will leave you with a nice, balanced high, affecting both the head and body. Although if you carry on taking… you’ll find yourself with a serious head high! This strain has a knack for inspiring a creative mental experience that ends with drowsy physical relaxation. AK 47 Strain will relieve all pains and give you the desired satisfaction as a medical or recreational user of cannabis.

Anesthesia Weed Strain

At maturity, the plants to begin to use less water, the deep green leaves start to yellow, and the buds develop red-brown pistils. Trichomes form a thick carpet on the leaves and buds. They do not at all need to be milky to be harvest ready. Though predominantly indica, the open plant structure and the low leaf ration makes Anesthesia easy to trim.

Banana Kush Marijuana Strain

Banana Kush Marijuana is a hybrid  strain grown by cross breeding Ghost OG and Skunk Haze with 25% THC. It tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh bananas. This marijuana strain provides a potent Indica body high, which starts with laziness leading to complete sedation, We always prescribed and recommended it to our clients for nighttime use. Banana strain is A great choice for consumers dealing with stress or depression, Banana Kush will also help stimulate your creative juices and can help you remain talkative in social settings.


We highly prescribe people fighting sleep deprivation and insomnia to buy Banana weed strain. Medical Patients suffering from chronic aches and pains often sought this strain.  Others use it for relief from stress and anxiety. It will also help patients suffering from glaucoma, nausea, Lose of Appetite, and muscle spasms. 420 Budmall Dispensary grow the best banana Kush Marijuana used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Effects of Banana Kush Marijuana

Some of the cerebral effects of this strain include mood elevation and a  powerful feeling of euphoria. However, it also comes with common minor side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and headaches.

Blackwater Marijuana Strain

Blackwater Strain is an indica weed strain made by crossing Mendo Purps with San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This strain

Blue Cheese Weed Strain

Blue Cheese bud strain is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese (a

blue dream Strain

Blue dream weed strain effects are instant & plentiful, making it an instant favorite among most MMJ patients.

Buy A-Train

Aside from this strain’s tendency to branch out and lean in all directions, especially as the flowers start to develop and get heavier, growers have reported that A-Train prefers lower humidity environments. While it grows well in all mediums, the yields tend to be higher in hydroponic systems, and the taste comes out more when grown in soil.

buy Amnesia strain online

Buy Amnesia haze marijuana strain, in our dispensary we do top discreet shipping and delivery when to your address when you order online.