Indica is the best Pain Relief Strain of cannabis. This variety of cannabis strain gives you more of a body buzz (as opposed to a heady “high”) and leaves you more relaxed. Indica strains have a lighter THC concentration than sativa, even though they result in a more “stoned” sensation.

Considered the “relaxation” strain, Indica is popular among people looking for calming properties and sleep assistance. Because of the way this strain helps with relaxation, many people also find that it’s pain relief strain. Due to the relaxing qualities of Indicas, they are commonly taken in the evening in preparation for winding down to go to sleep.  It may also help reduce nausea and pain and increase appetite.

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9 Pound Hammer Strain

9lb Hammer Strain is an Indica marijuana strain created out of three genetics marijuana strains Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack

Afghan Kush Marijuana Pre Rolls


Dosing: Each joint contains 1.5 gram of Cannabis buds ranging from 15% THC Packaging: Depending on the volume of product ordered and the variety, we use a combination of twist top containers, sealed bags, and everything is always double vacuum sealed before being sent in the mail to ensure an odorless arrival Storage: Please store your Marijuana Pre Rolls Joints in an air tight container in a cold and dry place such as the refrigerator, for maximum longevity

Blackwater Marijuana Strain

Blackwater Strain is an indica weed strain made by crossing Mendo Purps with San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This strain

Blue Cheese Weed Strain

Blue Cheese bud strain is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese (a

blue dream Strain

Blue dream weed strain effects are instant & plentiful, making it an instant favorite among most MMJ patients.

Buy Death Star OG Strain

Death star strain is the best for recreational and medicinal uses.

Buy Holy Grail Kush

Holly Grail Strain is a nice tight strain crossed from top potent genetics.

Buy Romulan Weed Strain

Grapefruit Romulan weed strain is a legendary Indica-dominant marijuana strain made by cross-breeding  North American Indica with White Rhino strain.

Buy Supreme Carts Online

supreme sour diesel minimum order is 10 carts high quality

Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

Critical Mass Cannabis Strain is a potent marijuana strain made by cross breeding Super Skunk and Afghani Kush strains. This

Gorilla Glue Weed Strain


Buy Gorilla Glue Strain Online

smoked in a free preroll from Urban Wellness in Albuquerque NM.Buy Kush Online, tested at 24.13%THC and 0.08%CBD. Weed Home Delivery USA, very nice piney skunk taste. pretty strong hitting, will definitely make you cough here and there. Cannabis For Sale Online, very warm, deep body buzz, with a very small sense of a head high. a fairly good hybrid, I still prefer GG#4, but this is very nice also. Marijuana Shop, recommend to anyone that likes hybrids or indica’s. helps good with sleep, appetite, …”

Grape Ape strain

There’s a decent mood elevation that makes it passable for nighttime smoking.  It will eliminate any pain throughout your body, and noticeably reduce any amount of tension in your neck and shoulders. It will help counter any anxiety as well.