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Afghani Hawaiian Strain

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Afghani Hawaiian Strain will cure you of all body pains.

Buy A-Train

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Aside from this strain’s tendency to branch out and lean in all directions, especially as the flowers start to develop and get heavier, growers have reported that A-Train prefers lower humidity environments. While it grows well in all mediums, the yields tend to be higher in hydroponic systems, and the taste comes out more when grown in soil.

Buy AK-47 Strain Online

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It’s a common misconception that the strongest of the most famous strains are harder to grow, and AK-47 banishes this myth by being particularly simple to cultivate.

buy Kerala krush

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A slender plant of medium height, Kerala Krush has narrow leaflets and lonf petioles. indoors, best results are attained through pruning once or twice before flowering. Bending the lateral branches to 45 degrees reduces stretching by allowing light to distribute evenly throughout all the budding sites.

Buy Supreme Carts Online

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supreme sour diesel minimum order is 10 carts high quality


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Moon rock is for kings and queens of hemp.


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Stiizy pods are the best of all cartridges.

Trainwreck weed strain

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Trainwreck Strain is a high potent Sativa